Homeward Bound
I know that many are concerned about Sarah Kate so I wanted to provide an update. Her numbers are trending in the right direction... Enough so that the hope is that she will be able to go home today. Sarah received more blood yesterday, and her fevers are now low-grade. She is feeling totally lousy; but as long as she is stable, home is the best place for her to be. I draw Sarah’s labs every Monday, but it is reassuring that for the time being we will be checking them even more frequently to be certain that things are continuing in the right direction. I am confident that quiet cuddle time by the fireplace with Alice Eloise will speed the recuperation process better than anything else ever could. I have to share a silly Sarah story that tickles me every time that I think about it. Those of you who know Sarah or who have followed her blog are privy to the fact that our girl is usually pretty sharp, as evidenced by her quirky, quick wit and whimsical storytelling. Typically nothing much gets by her, but HLH flares are not typical. In fact, Sarah probably won't remember much at all about the events of this week after the fact. Her body is so very weak and tired, and that exhaustion affects her mind, too. So the other night while Krista was here visiting, she informed Sarah that the Royals were going to the World Series. Sarah did not respond until the next afternoon, when she giggled to herself and admitted that she had just figured out that Krista was talking about the Kansas City Royals. Instead, she had found herself hoping that the Cardinals would make it to the World Series so that her favorite "royals", Will and Kate, would be traveling to St. Louis. I guess I should apologize to Sarah Kate for spilling this secret, but such cuteness just had to be shared. God has seen us through this tough week... Now we are thankful for the blessing of going home.

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7 Responses to Homeward Bound

  1. Jennifer Shurman says:

    Thank you for this update. Home with Alice Eloise will be great medicine for her!!!! We will still keep her in our prayers!

  2. Sue Giles says:

    That is the best news we could have this morning. Thank you, dear God for hearing our prayers and for Sarah Kate’s improvement. We are so grateful, The Giles Family

  3. Lorri Ruckman says:

    It’s good to ‘hear’ the giggles in your post. Safe travels home!

  4. Thanks Sarah Kate’s mama for updating her blog! This is great news…definitely an answer to prayer! Will continue praying for Sarah Kate’s recovery and so thankful to the Lord she gets to go home (:

  5. Allissa Rower says:

    So glad to see an update!

  6. sue deist says:

    Blessings as you make your way home—and yes, in front of the fireplace with your pup is the best medicine ever!

  7. Cute! I hope that you are getting stronger as each day passes my friend. When you are stronger give me a call