Merry Christmas and a Crazy New Year – My First Prayer Request of 2015
I have come to find that all of the leftover craziness of 2014 has somehow followed me into the new year. Such a lot of craziness, in fact, that a journal post to bring everybody up to date has been in the works since October! But the chaos has just piled up on top of itself over and over again, growing to the point that I suspect it may fill a series of blog posts. I simply have so much I need to share with you!

Just not right now...

Rather, today I bring you my first prayer request of 2015. Ever since my HLH flare in October, I have been experiencing extreme hypoglycemia. It has been terribly challenging to manage; even with my TPN (IV nutrition) infusing 24 hours a day, my blood sugar still tends to dip. So when I was inpatient last month, the doctors ordered some testing in an effort to determine the cause of this hypoglycemia, revealing that my cortisol levels were dangerously low. Since then we received the results of more tests that had been pending, and it has become clear that my pituitary gland is not doing its job, explaining the lack of cortisol in my body. Now look sharp, this is where you come in! Today I will be having an MRI to check out this faulty pituitary gland. And... Why exactly is this a big deal, you ask? Well, quite simply it would not be anything but a minor annoyance for most people. But due to my body's "unique" way of dealing with pain and sensory input, this procedure requires general anesthesia for me. Thankfully I am immensely blessed to have the most sensational palliative care team in the entire world; they have pulled together the arrangements for my magic anesthesia protocol, which is an incredible relief. We all know that I have a way of being unpredictable, though, so I really need your help, too! I would be ever so appreciative if you could please remember to keep me in your prayers today. We are talking all sweet sugar plum dreams, and absolutely, positively, no paralysis!!! Keep an eye out for a non-emergent blog post sometime soon! Let's see if life can slow down just enough for me to share the jolly, albeit chaotic, details of my favorite time of year! Alice Eloise and I hope that all of our dear friends had a most blessed and magical Christmas, and a happy New Year, too.

And now, I am off to count some sheep! Or perhaps I should count Doodles instead?

One... Two...

A Very Doodle Christmas

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13 Responses to Merry Christmas and a Crazy New Year – My First Prayer Request of 2015

  1. sue deist says:

    Extra prayers today to go along with those daily ones!

  2. We are praying, praying! We will dedicate Matty’s daily devotion to you. Right now! P.S. Love the Jammies!

  3. Judy Reese says:

    Prayers for you have been coming your way! Good luck today and we are all ready to see the post that says you are doing okay!! I love the picture of you new Christmas pj’s! I do love the sassy haircut you have too! XOXO Judy, rob, Greg and Sarah

  4. Yvonne says:

    Hi Sweet Sarah! Thanks for the update and you are being lifted up in prayer. Prayers for safe and successful MRI and no unusual effects from general anesthesia. Praying for results that help your medical team outline next steps to treat you and make you feel better. God bless you dear girl and your sweet doggie! Hugs to all the Freys! Love u

  5. Jeannie Westerfield says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Continuing to pray for you and your family everyday.

  6. Praying for an MRI with no complications! And, that it will shed some light on things and help to know what are the next steps to take. May the love of Christ be with you, dear sister <3

  7. Please be hopeful that everything is going to be OK, Sarah Kate. And it will certainly be with all the prayers and support of your family and friends. By the way, I like the picture very much!

  8. Christina says:

    We are always thinking of you, and praying for you! Best wishes today!

  9. Missy McCoy says:

    Sweet, sweet dreams and praying for miracles in surgery and when you wake up. Love love love you Sweetie! Xoxo, Missy and maggiedoodlemccoy

  10. Kathryn Gardner says:

    Prayers your way love!! Stay strong, and know that God will get you through this.!

  11. Patti Pfeiffer says:

    Doodle love and prayers!!

  12. Stacy jamison says:

    Thank you for sharing! I most definitely will put you on my prayer list tonight and tomorrow at 7am☺️
    I’ve prayed for you before

  13. Diana and Phil Weintraub says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time.