Thanks …
We are both relieved and thankful that Sarah’s GI obstruction has been successfully removed.  She is now resting ... (well, more like sedated) which is a huge relief after watching her in such terrible pain today.  Seeing our typically optimistic, cheerful Sarah feeling sadly defeated is tough stuff, but I am pretty certain that very soon I will be tucking her in for the night and she will again be asking me ... “So, what was good about your day, Momma?”  This is her nightly routine, and it continually amazes me as Sarah always goes on to share her own very long list of “good” things. Sweet dreams and many thanks for all the love, support, and prayers.  

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6 Responses to Thanks …

  1. Yvonne says:

    Praising God for a successful procedure and knowing that our Sweet Sarah is resting comfortably. I hope you both get some rest tonight. Please tell her hello and I love her! Sweet dreams

  2. Thankful to the Lord for the good news. Rest easy now, mama and sweet Sarah!

  3. Kim Giles says:

    So happy all went well. Hoping everyone rests well tonight. Love ya! The Giles

  4. sue deist says:

    thank you for the update—prayers as always—-

  5. Papa says:

    Jeanne, give Sissy a good night hug for me! Let her know that Alice Eloise made me take her to her Mama’s room before coming to our room. She was hoping to find her Mama in bed so she could snuggle. Unfortunately for her, she’s got to endure another night with me! Tell Sissy that her baby wants her home ASAP….. hopefully tomorrow!

    Sweet dreams! See you tomorrow.

    Love, Papa

  6. Judy says:

    Glad to hear she is resting without pain. Really appreciate the update. I know it is hard to do any thing when she is that ill. Please know how much I care and pray for Sarah. Sarah is an amazing person, I wonder if she gets some of that from her mother. I know you will be strong for her and your family.