Update from Krista
Update on my sister: Sarah and my family would really appreciate your continued prayers. The surgery went okay, but she is in terrible pain and the progress is so slow. The doctors have trouble understanding why her body has such a hard time recovering. Also, my sweet mama sounds so tired. Please pray for healing, relief of pain, patience, and perseverance to get through this. S is tough, but she's tired. We're continuing to trust that God's got this. Thanks, friends.

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4 Responses to Update from Krista

  1. Sue Deist says:

    My prayers keep coming for Sarah and your Dear Mother—-

  2. Yvonne says:

    Hi dear friends. This saddens me because I know how our Sweet Sarah wants to be home for Christmas. Prayers are being said for less pain, healing, strength and rest. It’s just heartbreaking to know someone so sweet and inspiring to others is hurting so badly. Hang in there….I know you got this with help from our Father above. Love to all the Freys.

  3. Amy Zagar says:

    Absolutely praying for your dear family. We continue to pray for God’s healing power and comfort.

  4. killip@sbcglobal.net says:

    prayers are with your family. Your Mom is a very strong person, I am sure she will continue to some how be there for all of you. I think she does more than she knows for everyone. You are all so devoted and loving to Sarah, I know that helps her a lot, along with your faith. Please know that I pray for her everyday I pray for my Granddaughter. I see terrible pain way to much it is something you never get used to, but we stay strong, as I know you will. Thanks for update Krista !