October 30, 2011

October 30,  2011

Hi everyone!
     Just after my last post, I had an endoscopy done. It wasn't my first procedure at an adult hospital, but it was my first at Barnes. At the risk of sounding like a little kid, they wouldn't let me bring my mama with me! But I was brave (albeit lonely!), and all went well prior to the procedure. But in the recovery room my nurse wasn't very kind or patient. I did not respond as badly to the anesthesia as I have at other times, but I did seem to have some minor paralysis. (Can paralysis be minor?) Anyway, the nurse did not quite understand why I couldn't move, and didn't take the time to find out. Consequently, when my parents were finally permitted to see me, they found me propped up in a wheelchair, floppy as a rag doll, performing my rendition of "Singin' in the Rain," and asking for county agent Hank Kimball! Perhaps I have been hitting the "Green Acres" a bit too hard lately. But eventually I snapped out of it, and here I am to tell the tale. The enterovirus biopsies have yet to come back, but my GI specialist called a few days ago with the results of the standard biopsies. They did show that I have esophagitis from all of my acid reflux, which is not surprising. This explains the awful burning pain I have from my belly up to my nose! I have been taking medicine for this, but my doctor is thinking she will increase the dosage.
     This coming Tuesday we will be traveling to Cincinnati, and Wednesday will be a big day at the hospital. I will be seen in the HLH clinic, and will also have appointments with GI and rheumatology. It will be quite exhausting for me, but I am glad to have all of my appointments scheduled for the same day... This way I will get home to my sweet Alice all the faster! I am praying that these new doctors will be able to provide some help for me.
     Also of note, I am another half year older! I like to celebrate every chance I get, and half birthdays happen to fall into that territory. And just my luck, "Winnie the Pooh" was released on DVD the very day I turned twenty and a half! So I baked a pumpkin pie, blew out twenty and a half candles, and watched "Winnie the Pooh" with Mom to celebrate... We have some pretty crazy parties around here! And I am just loving this autumn weather! Dad and I have been taking the most lovely walks to the park with the best Doodles in the world, Alice and Lulu. What a splendid life I lead!
     I will update again soon with the Cincinnati report! If you could please remember me in your prayers this week, it would be such a great help!
     Love to all of you,
       Sarah Kathryn
     Not long after I wrote all of this and was ready to post, we received some very sad news at our house. As you may recall, my dog Mikey had emergency surgery a couple of weeks ago. For the first few days post-op, he seemed to be doing quite well, but then he took a turn for the worse. His body was apparently attacking his blood cells (which I am a bit too familiar with from personal experience!), and he also had congestive heart failure. But he was a tough little guy and recovered enough to come home last Thursday. However, this morning he was having an awfully rough time. A few hours after Mom took him to the vet, the doctor called informing us that my little buddy had pancreatitis and was developing pneumonia. Poor Mikey was just to old to handle such stress anymore. He had to be put to sleep. He was such a character, and things will never be quite the same. I really miss my Mikey. I am not to the point where I can think much about it... So for now, I am not going to say anymore.

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