September 2, 2012 Post #2

September 2, 2012

So yesterday. Not my finest day! Prior to going to the emergency room, I managed to burn ice cream on the stove and custard in the oven simultaneously. On the plus side, our new smoke detector works fabulously! What I am trying to say here is, I wasn't quite feeling up to snuff. I was blaming it upon the hurricane remnants that made its way up to Illinois, but evidently the cause was more serious than the barometric pressure. I really appreciate everyone's prayers and kind words, and just wanted to give you the status as things stand right now. My parents and I spent a very, very, extremely looooong eleven hours in the emergency room. We watched a couple movies to pass the time... Turns out Dad likes Pippi Longstocking! But I have been admitted here at Children's Hospital on the hematology/oncology floor. I am very immunocompromised right now, so I am in isolation. Not a good thing, of course, but it has earned me a private room, which really goes a long way in the hospital. Based on my lab results, it doesn't appear that this is a central line infection. Still, bacterial and viral cultures are being run, and I am being given precautionary antibiotics. The most likely possibility seems to be an HLH flare, but we still aren't sure. My blood counts took a very dramatic plunge since my last blood draw just a few days ago. They will be checking my counts each morning. If my hemoglobin does not stabilize, a blood transfusion will be probable, along with another bone marrow biopsy to check out what's going on in there. Weekends are never horribly productive in the hospital, but since being transferred up to the hem/onc floor, I have been pleasantly surprised. We are working to address my pain, and my nurse tonight is awfully sweet. And naturally I have been showing off pictures of my beloved Alice Eloise. I mean, is she not just darling? I am missing that little one! 20130326-214914.jpg And what a blessing it is for me to have such a wonderful mother. Every once in a while when I have been inpatient, she has had to take on the role of a mama bear protecting her cub. Hopefully it won't come to that this hospital stay, but nonetheless, I am glad she is here! I am just tucking in and watching "The Lorax", ready to relax. Nighty-night!

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