I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1

I am very happy to report that Sarah’s procedures are behind her. Yesterday was a tough day, but she was able to rest peacefully overnight. It will be challenging as they begin to taper the sedation, but Sarah has some amazing doctors who recognize her uniqueness and work so very hard on her behalf. With their guidance, she will get through this.  Over the many years of Sarah’s illnesses, God’s provisions are continually evident … And these kind, compassionate, extremely wise medical professionals are among His most merciful and wonderful blessings. My heart is full of thanks as I know that we are never alone in this battle. You, too, friends are His gifts. Thanks for your continued prayers, love, & support.

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Just a Prayer Request…
Hi everybody! It’s me again. I'm sure that absolutely none of you have been sitting around, twiddling your thumbs while anxiously waiting for my next blog post. But still, I had hoped that I would have gotten around to sharing a few of my happiest experiences from the past year by now. Although that is in the works, I haven't been able to pull it together quite yet. What can I say? I am not exactly known for my timeliness.   Tonight I am writing simply because I am needing your prayers. Tomorrow morning I am having surgery to replace both my central line and my GJ tube. For whatever reason I am dreading these procedures more than any I have had before. But at the same time, this has been the longest I have ever managed to hold onto a central line, and that is something to be truly thankful for. It has been just over a year... And I would like to think that maybe next time I can break my record again!     There has been a whole lot going on over here, so I don't have it in me to put together a pretty blog post the way I like to tonight. So here is a photo of a pretty puppy dog instead!      

Thank you for your prayers, friends! 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” — Philippians 4:13

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Remember Me?
Hey stranger! Remember me? I really couldn't blame you if you didn't. It has been a while, after all. When you last heard from me over a year ago (wow!), I mentioned that life had been pretty crazy. Well, in that sense, not so very much has changed. But hey, that's life! And, as you may have gathered, I am back. I have really missed blogging. I miss writing about my journey and sharing my silly stories... And I also miss hearing from my lovely, encouraging friends. So check back soon! You can expect stories of many kinds, stories of grand adventures with lions, tigers, bears, and -- You guessed it -- A puppy dog, of course. 😉 But for now I simply wanted to say "Hi, friend!" (I was just kidding about that whole stranger thing... We are still friends, aren't we?) I hope that you have been blessed with as many smiles as I have this past year.   

"A merry heart does good like medicine." -- Proverbs 17:22

Have yourself a happy little Easter!

 With lots of love (and oodles of Doodle kisses 🐶💋) -- Sarah Kate (and Alice Eloise, too!)

PS Just in case you happened to forget, this is us. Tootles!

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And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

The procedure yesterday went better than I would have anticipated.  It seems that the doctor was able to address things more thoroughly than has been the case in the past so hopefully we can keep these terrible obstructions from reoccurring.  I was pretty concerned about anesthesia two days in a row, but that too went o.k.   All in all, although two separate procedures on two separate days seemed overwhelming on Thursday, after the fact it seems that it may have been for the best.  Today will likely be a tough one for Sarah as they taper her off the sedation that they use to keep her comfortable so your continued prayers would truly be appreciated.

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Update & Request for Continued Prayers
They have changed out Sarah’s G/J tube rather than trying to reposition it. There was concern that the tube might be defective because it has never really worked quite right. Unfortunately, her doctor could not properly address the impaction today so they will attempt to put medication through her J tube tonight in hopes that might help. If it does not, they will have to put Sarah out again tomorrow when they are more fully prepared to meet her needs. Please pray that they can keep Sarah comfortable and that she is able to rest. Admittedly, I am scared and sad with how today has gone, but I continue to remind myself that it is God’s way, His timing, and that He is forever faithful. As always, thanks for the prayers and support.    
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Prayer Request
Sarah has yet another bowel obstruction and her feeding tube is dislocated ... so in a few hours, she will be going under anesthesia yet again to address these problems. We are truly thankful that Dr. Bowen, her beloved anesthesiologist, is available as anesthesia is always very difficult and complicated for her. Her other wonderful doctors will be taking care of her as well. God continues to provide for Sarah’s needs and gives her strength and perseverance to endure so very much. We would appreciate your prayers as the next few days she will surely face many challenges.
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And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.    Philippians 4:19

Sarah’s procedures went well; but as we have come to anticipate, her pain is terrible. Her doctors have been remarkable in their efforts to address all of her needs and the nurses on this floor are among the best. We are also truly thankful for all the love, support, and prayers of our family and friends and really could not be more appreciative. About the last thing Sarah said to me before going off to sleep before her procedures was, “I wonder how my boy is?” She is such a sweet Auntie ... always thinking about and praying for her little guy. She spent hours researching baby mobiles, and I can’t wait to share this little video with her when she is feeling better.

Auntie Sairee … you, your little guy, and your sweet gift are awesome!

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