Thanks and Praise!
Sabrina Giselle’s procedure went well (I will indulge Sarah by calling her that) but sadly she is once again experiencing painful paralysis. Still, we count our blessings as there is always much to be thankful for. Dr. Nikiel, Sarah’s anesthesiologist, was amazingly sweet and very attentive to her unique needs and pain. In the past Sarah would spend the entire day on a stretcher in the out-patient recovery area only to be admitted when it was time for the staff to go home. Today she was pre-admitted so she is now resting as best she can in her own room. When Sarah’s line needs changed out we are always very concerned that they could need to move it to the other side; but thankfully they were again able to keep it on the original side. It was during the placement of her first central line that Sarah lost the use of her right arm so we are naturally very protective of the other side and her good arm. Sarah has received so many lovely messages from those who care about her. We are all so appreciative for your prayers and kindness. And most of all, we have a loving God who calms us when we feel anxious and provides for our every need.
Sarah Kathryn Frey

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11 Responses to Thanks and Praise!

  1. Yvonne says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow….I feel a sense of relief that her procedure is completed. I will certainly continue to pray for her recovery from the anesthesia. Love and hugs to Sweet Sarah and all the Freys

  2. Missy McCoy says:

    Praise Jesus! Thanks so much for the update and please tell her will keep praying and give Alice Eloise a big doodle hug from Maggie!!! Xoxo

  3. Lissy says:

    Yay! I’m so glad to hear surgery went well! But I’m so sorry she is having the painful paralysis again though – I was hoping and praying that wouldn’t happen this time! But I’ll be praying it goes away soon and has a speedy recovery!
    Lots of love,

  4. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for the news about your precious Sarah. She is, as always, in our prayers, as are all of you.

  5. Jennifer Shurman says:

    Julia and I are thinking of you from our hospital room on the West Coast. We hope you are feeling better soon and can get home to Alice Eloise! We sure miss our pups especially our new Doodle Rosie. Sending you all our best wishes for a quick recovery!!! Xoxo- Jenn and Julia

  6. Wendy and Skylar says:

    We’ve been thinking about Sarah Kathryn all day. Thank you for keeping us updated. Continued prayers coming your way….and lots of love!

  7. Deanna Brooker says:

    Dear, dear Sarah,
    I’m always in awe of how you keep your faith in Christ and are so trusting of His plans for you. My heart aches that you suffer such pain and especially now this painful paralysis. You’ll never know the witness you are to those of us who take life so for granted. May the Lord bring you comfort & peace as you go through another of these procedures. You are loved.

  8. Sue Giles says:

    Dear Sarah Kate,

    I just read both your posts from yesterday and today and even though I did not know of your surgical procedure today, you were on my mind this entire day. Now I know why and I am so grateful to hear that the procedure is over and I hope that by now your pain and paralysis are subsiding. We keep you in our prayers and hold you and your family in our hearts.
    Much love to you all,
    Aunt Sue and Uncle Wayne

  9. Thank you for the update…praying for Sarah Kate’s recovery…

  10. Sue Deist says:

    Prayers answered—now a speedy recovery 🙂

  11. keith and sue frey says:

    Sarah, Sue and I are always thinking of you and wish you the best. We are glad to here your procedure went as well as you could expect. Keep the faith you are an amazing person and we are proud of you. Love Keith and Sue