A Thankful Heart
“Sometimes we beg and plead for God to carry us through our trials, only to emerge from those difficulties and forget to thank Him.” I extracted these words from the blog post that Sarah shared yesterday because it is such an important message ... and it is all too easy to forget. But I am not guilty of this today, as I am thanking Him from the deepest place in my heart for the many blessings that He has provided this day. I am so excited to share that Sabrina Giselle can move!!! And the procedure went very well, too. The doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists were all remarkable, taking every precaution to make this a success. They did keep Sarah Kate here for the night; and while she can still use lots of prayers for strength and comfort, we are most hopeful that she will be home sometime tomorrow. I also need to thank all of you who remember Sarah Kate in your prayers and are so very kind and loving in your support. We thank God for you, also. I am providing the link to Sarah’s post from yesterday in case you missed it because I added this one so soon after. She shares a lot of important information and the story of her most amazing friend, Jessica. Follow this link to read her special post...
Sarah Kathryn Frey

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9 Responses to A Thankful Heart

  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you so much for posting!! I’ve been worried about her all day.
    Praise God she is doing well!!!

  2. Uncle Terry and Aunt Lesia says:

    Great news! Glad Sarah came through this so well!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Oh my goodness……what a relief it is to read this! Continued prayers for you and Sweet Sarah as she recovers, gains strength and returns home to her sweet doodle! Love and hugs to all the Freys!

  4. Joanne Orfanos says:

    So glad to hear procedure went well. Looking forward to Sarah’s next post. They are always so sweet.

  5. Amy Zagar says:

    That is the most wonderful news! I will pray for continued improvement and that she gets to go home to her Doodles tomorrow! Much love sent your way ☺️☺️

  6. That is awesome, Sarah Kate! Praise God from whom all blessings flow (: So thankful to our heavenly Father for His grace and providence!

  7. Dawn Merkel says:

    I am so happy she came through the surgery. I did read her blog last night. She is always so positive. It just breaks my heart to see her go through all of this. I will continue to pray for miracles!

  8. Deanna Brooker says:

    Praise God for Sarah’s successful procedure. We will pray that her line will last and not need any changes for a very long time. She is such a witness for the Lord. Jessica’s miracle gives us all hope for miracle’s in Sarah’s life. God bless each of you for the comfort and support you continue to provide for her; it’s like the love of Jesus – it just keeps on giving. Our prayers continue for this precious girl.

  9. Sue Deist says:

    Such a strong Mama you are—You, Sarah and your family continue to be in my prayers—so thankful for todays news—