Update & Request for Continued Prayers
They have changed out Sarah’s G/J tube rather than trying to reposition it. There was concern that the tube might be defective because it has never really worked quite right. Unfortunately, her doctor could not properly address the impaction today so they will attempt to put medication through her J tube tonight in hopes that might help. If it does not, they will have to put Sarah out again tomorrow when they are more fully prepared to meet her needs. Please pray that they can keep Sarah comfortable and that she is able to rest. Admittedly, I am scared and sad with how today has gone, but I continue to remind myself that it is God’s way, His timing, and that He is forever faithful. As always, thanks for the prayers and support.    

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13 Responses to Update & Request for Continued Prayers

  1. Cindi says:

    I hope you get rest tonight and your
    procedure goes well for you, tomorrow!
    Be well, Miss Sarah

  2. Yvonne says:

    Prayers continue for our Sweet Sarah! May God hold her and you in His loving arms during this time of uncertainty. Praying Sarah has a good night and a successful day tomorrow. Hang in there dear friend. It will all be OK. I love u ❤️

  3. Sandy Stuart says:

    Praying for Sarah. Please bring this young lady peace.

  4. Georgina Gemayel says:

    God bless you beautiful girl!! You are so strong!

  5. Stacy Cheney-Jamison says:

    Many Many prayers for you tonight dear Sarah…

  6. Sue Deist says:

    Prayers for Sarah and your family—-

  7. Debbie says:

    Continued prayers and happy thoughts Sarah Kate. I admire your strength with all you’ve endured. Sending gentle hugs to wrap and comfort you. Hugs sweetie xoxoxo

  8. Jeannie Westerfield says:

    Hello, I was just thinking about Sarah the other night. I hadn’t seen any posts for quite some time and I was worried about her. My intuition was spot on and I am sending prayers to all her family. Looking forward to learning Sarah is recovered and back home with family. She is one special young lady.

  9. Sandy Rhodes says:

    I follow you through my friend Carol Markway. I pray that you are feeling better very soon.

  10. Amy Zagar says:

    We are praying for your family and her caregivers, that they might know exactly what she needs at all times. ❤️

  11. Chanda Griese says:

    So sorry that she couldn’t have both procedures done at the same time. Praying for peace and provision in the next steps for Sarah’s comfort and relief.

  12. Karen Becker says:

    Your faith is strong and all the love and support that you have will hopefully be comfort for you and your family during another difficult time. I always keep you in my prayers. Feel better soon.

  13. Jean Walker says:

    Prayers are coming your way! I love you!