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We Have an Answer…

Sarah Kate’s labs have confirmed that she is in an HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis) flare. She has had constant fevers since Saturday (some in excess of 105); so that, along with dropping blood counts and outrageously high inflammation markers, has left her feeling terribly sick.

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I Left my Creativity at Home, so this Title will Just Have to Do…

So October 3rd was pretty great. The week following? Hmm, not so much. The travel most enthusiastically kicked my booty. You know that saying, “nothing is impossible with God”? It’s true. Somehow I did indeed make it to Rhode Island and back. But I am pretty sure that pigs could fly more easily than I can, even when taking into account my advantage of having an airplane to help me with that endeavor.

Consequently my body has been angry all week, finally culminating with a high fever and a trip to the ER last night. I was admitted so the doctors could keep a close eye on me.

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A Thankful Heart

“Sometimes we beg and plead for God to carry us through our trials, only to emerge from those difficulties and forget to thank Him.” I extracted these words from the blog post that Sarah shared yesterday because it is such … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed but Blessed

Sarah’s paralysis began to pass after about 24 hours. We have seen this pattern several times now but this never gets any easier. It is so very painful for Sarah and emotionally scary and heartbreaking for all of us. Returning … Continue reading

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Thanks and Praise!

Sabrina Giselle’s procedure went well (I will indulge Sarah by calling her that) but sadly she is once again experiencing painful paralysis. Still, we count our blessings as there is always much to be thankful for. Dr. Nikiel, Sarah’s anesthesiologist, … Continue reading

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My Holly Jolly Journal — Plus a Prayer Request

As the old saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Considering that the past few months have been uncharacteristically silent for me, dare I ask if you’ve missed me, per chance? You have?! Well shucks, now I’ve just got … Continue reading

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